My First Signing….

Posted: July 17, 2015 in Events

As an author will be Books & Bourbon! I’m so nervous!!! I hope I have everything I need to be a signing author at the event. I’ve set up events and even assisted, so this is all a new experience for me… And I can’t wait!!

15 days until the big event, and I have no idea what I’m wearing. I know my hair will look good as I have an appointment a day before the event. Ha! I’ve never really thought about what I wear… Such a struggle. At this point I hope I’m allowed to drink at my table! Woohooo Shots! Shots! Shot!

If you are coming to Books & Bourbon or one of the other events I’ll be attending, the link for my available books is right here —-> Order Form. If you want a book for sure fill it out!! I’ll email you back to confirm your order.

I hope to see YOU in Bardstown!


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