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Is what’s trending on my Facebook. I’m happy, but I’ll miss my trips to Cincinnati to visit Ikea. 😦

With that said… I wrote absolutely NOTHING in my Word doc for NaNo yesterday, and it felt AMAZING! As I wrote by hand instead. Today, I’m feeling it. But it’s okay. I think handwritten words tend to stick in your mind more than typed on a computer… Maybe?! I hope so…

I don’t have the slightest clue of how many words I wrote yesterday, but I’m sure it’s nowhere close to what I could have written if I would have typed it all to begin with. But where’s the fun in that?

I’ll just put this right here to remind myself why I thought it was a good idea to write by hand…



I hope this finds you well!! Time to get my NaNo on… Or editing… Or rewrites.

The world of publishing is a never ending job… Or journey!

❤ A.

Who’s slacking on NaNoWriMo?!

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This girl… And you know what? I’m okay with it. This weekend was the first kid free weekend the super hubs and I have had in a long time…

So what did we do?! Get your mind out of the gutters, ya pervs! We played Lego Indiana Jones! Ha! I love video games.

So to ending day eight of NaNo, my word count is 27,707. I’m projecting I’ll be finished this week, but if I’m not, that’s okay too! 🙂 I still have plenty of time.

I hope y’all have had a great weekend. All is well in the Gorman house. The Colts finally won (Who Dey Bengals!). 🙂

❤ A.

Nothing like seeing addiction center ads in your Facebook timeline… Thanks Google for creeping on me and my research for my NaNo project. Which tonight… I hit the HUGE half-way mark.. 25,000! Woohoo And I actually wrote the ending too. Now to put the beginning and the end together. And it’s my favorite part of writing a novel. This is the part where the characters grow and learn about each other and it’s like meeting your best friend all over again. And I’m so excited.

I keep look at the stats… NaNo 11-5 end of day

And I can’t believe that I have 25k…

I got this. #InItToWinIt #NaNoWriMo15 !!

❤ A

I think one of the scariest things as an author is publishing your work. You’re putting it out there for the world to see, and you’re opening yourself up for criticism–good and bad. The second scariest thing, unpublishing your work. This morning I had to click unpublish on both of my books because Limited holds the rights for the next couple of years. (And that’s scary too)! But I know my book babies are in good hands and I can’t wait to see what changes are made… They can only improve from here. However, the feeling of wanting to drink is there. Ha Happy Thirsty Thursday, right?

Thirsty Thursday2

And with this being Thursday, we are one day closer to Friday and the weekend. Hopefully I can get the husband talked into getting everything that needs to be completed this weekend done early so I can write! NaNo baby! 🙂 Yesterday was kind of rough. I felt like I hit a wall, luckily it wasn’t the characters fault, but my own. I had so much going on, I didn’t take a breather to write, and totally paid for it when I was writing at 11 pm last night trying to make my 1,667 daily goal… I made it to a little over 1,700 a few minutes to midnight. AHHHH So today, I’m writing. Everything else I can wait. Well, except homeschooling. That’s kind of important.

NaNo 11-5

This is keeping me in check, and I still need 1,405 for today. Not too bad for five minutes of writing. Minutes can make a difference when you allow creativity to flow. Soooo write on, fellow writers! We have NaNo to win!!

And just remember…. Friday Eve

Friday is almost here.

Have a FANTASTIC Thirsty Thursday.

❤ A

Or I might just have to go buy a bottle of the bubbly… Why you might ask?! Wellllllll, read on!


So I might have looked a little like this when I got the contracts to sign last night…

I am excited for this opportunity… So stay tuned for a some changes around here!!! And if you want to purchase my books before they change, follow the links under available books!

Have a fantastic Wine Wednesday!

❤ A

It’s only tenish am here in Indianaland, but it’s close to tequila thirty! Can I get a hell yeah?! Haha As much as I would like to take a shot and chase it with a lemon…which might actually help my voice…I need to get my write on.

Tequila Tuesday

While I was editing this morning, a scene I’ve been having trouble working out in my NaNo project came to me. I’m like hit me in the face and I start crying, emotional mess, crying over a character vision. The scene is so intense and raw. And I could feel the pain and emotion the character was going through.

I used to think before I starting writing that authors were a little crazy when they said they talked to characters or cried over them. But once I started writing and investing time in my characters lives, they became a part of me. Yeah, maybe authors are a little crazy, but their not crazy for having an attachment to the characters. Those characters are a part of them…they’ve poured their sweat and tears…and even blood if they are clumsy like me and get paper cuts from their notes, into their characters.


That’s exactly what I looked like… A hot emotional mess. But I reread my notes and I’m happy with where it’s going. Maybe not a happily ever after…yet.

Deep breath, everything will work out.

Have a great Taco Tuesday!!

❤ A.


I hope y’all are having a fantastic Monday!!

Today has been crazy! We are not so patiently waiting on the internet company to service our line. Something crazy has been going on with our internet for a couple of months, I finally went mama bear on them once only one person could get online at a time… We have to have our internet! Ha!!

Monday also started day two of NaNoWriMo and this girl is ROCKING IT!! I hit 10k words written a little after eleven pm last night. Woohooo Thank you for going back to regular time yesterday, although I woke up way early this morning. Oh well. Better to be early than late.

Guess I better get back to editing for my client so I can write more tonight. 50k or bust.

Have a fabulous day, y’all!

❤ A