Taco Tuesday or Tequila Tuesday?!

Posted: November 3, 2015 in Miscellaneous Ramblings, NaNoWriMo
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It’s only tenish am here in Indianaland, but it’s close to tequila thirty! Can I get a hell yeah?! Haha As much as I would like to take a shot and chase it with a lemon…which might actually help my voice…I need to get my write on.

Tequila Tuesday

While I was editing this morning, a scene I’ve been having trouble working out in my NaNo project came to me. I’m like hit me in the face and I start crying, emotional mess, crying over a character vision. The scene is so intense and raw. And I could feel the pain and emotion the character was going through.

I used to think before I starting writing that authors were a little crazy when they said they talked to characters or cried over them. But once I started writing and investing time in my characters lives, they became a part of me. Yeah, maybe authors are a little crazy, but their not crazy for having an attachment to the characters. Those characters are a part of them…they’ve poured their sweat and tears…and even blood if they are clumsy like me and get paper cuts from their notes, into their characters.


That’s exactly what I looked like… A hot emotional mess. But I reread my notes and I’m happy with where it’s going. Maybe not a happily ever after…yet.

Deep breath, everything will work out.

Have a great Taco Tuesday!!

❤ A.

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