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#RulesOfHerSins by @authoragorman
“Keeping the boss’s daughter safe was Aedan Hughes top priority. But falling in love with her definitely wasn’t in the job description…”
Jesse McCoy knows you have to dream big, and she plans to be the youngest and richest CEO in the country…

After cancer took her mother when Jesse was just sixteen, she watched her father—investment broker Pearse McCoy—harden in front of her eyes. So after graduating high school, she leaves her dad and two younger siblings for the adventure of campus life at Indiana University.

Jesse meets the man of her dreams—or so she thought…

The ill-advised relationship quickly becomes explosive, and one careless night changes everything, tearing them apart for good. Desperately trying to find balance in her life, Jesse returns home with aspirations to one day inherit her father’s company. Only she didn’t expect to fall for his right-hand man.

Aedan Hughes didn’t plan to work as a personal chauffeur, but he learns his boss has bigger plans—he is grooming him for a position of a lifetime…

After years of watching over Pearse McCoy’s family, Aedan is now in charge of not only the family, but also his multi-billion-dollar investment firm. When you’re on top, people are always trying to knock you down. After several attempts, someone has broken through the high tech surveillance system Aedan has worked so hard to create.

The breach isn’t only a threat to the company, but to Jesse as well. All signs point to the information coming from the inside, but finding the leak might be a little too late.

Keeping Jesse safe, along with McCoy and the company, is Aedan’s top priority. But falling in love with the boss’s daughter definitely isn’t in his job description.



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