Who sucks at blogging?

Posted: January 5, 2016 in Uncategorized

This girl right here! Ahhhhhh!

Who didn’t win NaNo? Me! Ughhhhh!

I wish I was so much better at separating being an author and being an editor. When editing, it seems that the particular project I’m working on consumes my life. Leaving no room for writing. Editing is exhausting. After finishing a big project, I want to hibernate for a day or two. But I wouldn’t change that feeling for anything as I’m in love with editing. And I seem to have the same addition to writing. But why won’t they mesh?

Soooo what’s going on in the world of A. Gorman? Glad you asked! Rules of Her Sins is with the editor! Should be getting back edits late this week or early next week. And then the end of the month, Blackmailed goes to the editor. Both books are scheduled to release at the end of March and April! Woohoo! I’m currently halfway into two standalones, one being my NaNo project. I want to get that out soon, so at this time I think it will be self-published. I have an amazing cover designer and formatter ready to go when I decide!

But that will be decided at the end of the month or February!

Stay warm, friends!

❤ A.


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