#‎LifeBooksWriting‬ Challenge: Week One

Posted: May 6, 2016 in Miscellaneous Ramblings

This week’s #‎lifebookswriting‬ is my writing room. I don’t have an actual room, but I do have an area of my bedroom I use for writing. I’ve been several places throughout our house, but in this spot I feel at peace and can focus on what I’m doing. I can look outside from my desk (the white block is the sun shining in) and I can lock the door if needed. The only downfall, the coffee and alcohol are on the other side of the house. Booooo


Want to see what other author’s rooms look like? Look for the #‎lifebookswriting‬ hashtag!

Authors Blog Challenge

Have a great weekend.

❤ A.

  1. cjcassada says:

    My writing room is my bedroom too. Like you said, it’s peaceful and you can shut the door to drown out the noise.


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